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Joe McWilliams


Every online forum I've ever participated has fizzled out. I sincerely hope that does not happen to this one, although you could make a decent argument it is happening.

Why does it happen? Loss of interest, obviously. The purpose, I assume, is being served otherwise. Twitter? Facebook? I have Facebook. I don't like it very much. In no way does it make up for the loss of a forum like this at its best.

Somebody smarter than me is probably studying the phenomenon. To me, it feels like the loss of community.

I feel I must reply as it was such a sad and heartfelt post.

I don't really know why certain website discussion forums fade.  Sometimes people move on in their lives; e.g. students who spent a lot of time posting get jobs and find they have less time.  People stop posting because their children are taking up more of their time.  Sometimes life gets in the way (I've just had quite a bit of decorating done in my house so I've spent a lot of time moving furniture around and I've had less time to read.)  

I really hope this board doesn't disappear because it has had some really great moments and fascinating discussions.

Well, I have no intention of disappearing the board, or of stopping posting. You'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

We have this discussion every so often, don't we. It's usually the way with online forums that unless they have regular new blood they go stale, which is what's happened here (not that the contributions themselves aren't fresh; it's just the people who have attained the patina of age). Ten years ago when this board's predecessor was hosted on the BBC website, there was a constant influx of new posters - that's the effect of a lasting and recognisable brand; now, no one happens on this board unless they've found it by chance via Google.

It's life, as Sandra says. Things happen, and the message board is rarely anyone's top priority, so it gets forgotten about. I'm sorry we don't see the likes of Himadri and E/V and Green Jay as often as we used to. I do use Twitter and Facebook and blogs, but there's nowhere quite like this place. It is a community, albeit a small one. Anyway, I'm not going anywhere Smile
Joe McWilliams

I'm not going anywhere either. I can't even imagine why I would. That might be because I haven't encountered whatever it is out there that is so much more interesting or compelling or addictive or whatever it must be.

Having said that......blah, blah, blah....I think I will go home and do some reading.

I belong to four message boards, all of which have few numbers, though one of them is a closed board and you need to apply to join.  It is quite active with its few members. Boards seem to manage to keep going with not many active members, all the same.

It is a shame the BBC boards closed down - that is where I first came across message boards when this one opened in response to the BBC Best Books programme.  And from there I found the history board and when they folded people opened another board.  There are people from some of these boards that I do miss, though.  Here especially Evie, and Green Jay, and County Lady (whose tastes seemed to coincide with mine) and it's always good to see Five Owls and Mike Alexander pop in now and again.

That's very kind of you to mention me Caro. I don't post here much now because I really don't find much time or energy for reading these days, still less for thinking of anything useful to say about what I've read!

I look in from time to time (lurking) but its very rare that I actually take the time to login and even rarer that I post.  I think a good analogy is its like an old friend who you don't see for years and then every so often you bump into them, and catch up - which is sad when you think about it as it never used to be that way.

Lives move on, and things get overlooked and eventually things get dropped, and I think this has been the case here, people have simply moved on and real life has got in the way.

Nice to see you, Apple! Merry Christmas Smile

Right back at you!  Very Happy  - Merry Christmas that is!

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