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Mini-Story Competition

Might I suggest a little competition for the Summer months?

In Shakespeare's 'The Winter's Tale' the boy Mamilius begins a story which he never finishes.  It begins 'There was a man dwelt by a churchyard...'

Let's have completed short stories beginning with that line.  Not more than a 1000 words.

He had a son and three daughters.

Thats as far as I have got sofar.

Sounds good, but I won't have time to think about it before this weekend. I'll have a go, though.

You do know, of course, that MR James wrote a story called "There Was a Man Dwelt by a Churchyard"?

I'd forgotten about the M.R.James.  But we can have a go anyway. M.

It looks like nobody is contributing to this. Shame. I like the short story challenges.

I did mean to do this, and still have good intentions, but haven't had the tim erecently to give it much thought.

I've written some of this but not finished yet - keep watching!

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