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Merry Christmas 2015

Although we seem to have dwindled in number, we still keep going and I read every post.  


Also, if Caro's husband is reading this, please tell her we miss her and hope she is back posting in 2016.

Same from me! Hope everyone has a great Christmas Smile
Gul Darr

Have a good Christmas everyone!
Best wishes to you all.

To All Big Readers a Happy Christmas...

Merry Christmas, everyone and best wishes for 2016. I really will make an effort to join you more frequently in the New Year!
Jen M

Happy Christmas to all from me, too  rendeer

And as Sandra says, wishing all the very best to Caro.

We've had our Christmas dinner with all the family and I wish we could do it again! Merry Christmas to everyone plus good health for Caro at this time. santa
Joe McWilliams

Best all around from me as well. I received a present of a book by the astronaut Chris Hadfield, which I look forward to reading.
Kids home for Christmas and a jolly time had by all. Minus 17C this morning, but sunny!

       Big Readers Forum Index -> Who are you? How are you? Where are you? etc.
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