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Lego Bible latest; only nine disciples located

Children being taught Christianity with the use of the Lego Bible have reported that Jesus has now had the symbolic final meal with his nine disciples, although the occasion was slightly marred by several of them having an arm or leg missing.

‘It had actually been eight disciples until this morning, when Thomas was found in the dog basket with big teeth marks on his head.’ said the mother of seven year old Brad Jefferson from Tennessee. ‘Yesterday I found Mary Magdalen in the garden and Pontius Pilate turned up in the washing machine, which is sort of appropriate I suppose.’

Attempts to convey the New Testament to a younger audience using plastic bricks have not gone exactly to plan with the Gospels being regularly rewritten to compensate for missing characters or surprise appearances from Star Wars Lego. Other new scenes in the Lego New Testament have included ‘Jesus casts the Bionicles out of the Temple’ and ‘Jesus washes the feet of Spongebob Squarepants.’

One American pastor questioned the idea of recreating the Holy Bible in the form of plastic building bricks. ‘The decapitation of St John the Baptist seems less symbolic when half the other characters in the story already have their heads missing.’

But the makers of the Lego Bible have defended the latest version of the Greatest Story Ever Told. ‘Let us not forget that through this medium, young Christians learn the Good News about Jesus; that God so loved the world that he gave his only son. Although the cross wouldn’t actually stay upright, and then a little plastic Indiana Jones swooped to the rescue, amid lots of childish exploding sounds as all the Romans were knocked over and scattered across the living room carpet…’


Well as a nipper I was always waking the entire household by scrabbling in the deep corners of the lego box for that elusive missing piece, but I must say I didn't find God.  Wink

You can't have looked hard enough, Mike!  Though I have to say my son was similar and he hasn't found God either.  

I have just read My Name is Judas which sees events through Judas's eyes 40 years later (he has survived) and portrays the disciples as eager young men, some of whom do seem to be headless chickens in their keenness to head for destruction.  Interesting book, very easy to read, though perhaps the sceptical flatness of 'Judas's' style leaves it less memorable than it might be.

I presume this is a true account, Grey Wolf and not something made up in your head?  I haven't heard of the Lego Bible before.  

Cheers, Caro.

Well, the Brick Testament is fantastic, but I've never noticed it to be full of Star Wars characters, bionicles, or missing heads.  I must go and read through the whole thing now, and check!

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