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Legally Blonde

I'm not sure if musicals quite count as things theatrical, but we went to ee the musical Legally Blonde while we were in London.  It was on at the Savoy, and was a very good production indeed.  I had some problems with the morals and ethics at the start - a ditzy girl, partying in pink, decides to follow her boyfriend to law school at Harvard when he prefers a serious girl.  

A theme of 'to thine own self be true' is probably the basis of the show, and the writers manage it quite well, though there is still a bit of a clash with the need to dress 'properly' in order to be taken seriously.  The heroine manages this, but the main man has to buy a suit instead of wearing his more casual (but perfectly okay) corduroy jacket.  

Very good acting by the star in particular, plenty of colour and pizazz, a fun production.  I might have fancied Blithe Spirit but my husband wanted something light and frothy and modern, and we got that.  Very enjoyable.  

And we have the story of the cost of the small (130gm) tubes of ice-cream to take home.  7 for two.  We hadn't had time for dinner, otherwise we might have thrown them in their face.  

Cheers, Caro.

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