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Jen M

Just catching up

Hello, I'm just catching up today after dipping in and lurking now and again.

I have recently gone back to work full-time after years of part-time work.  I  am also studying which is not leaving much time for reading for pleasure (or much else for pleasure and leisure).  I am sure it will be worth it in the end.  

I will drop in from time to time and try to record what I do read for pleasure.  I do enjoy reading about what others here have read, even if I don't have much to contribute at the moment.

I hope everyone is well and it's good to see Caro back.

Hi Jen, good to see you! Hope you get at least some reading done this year, even if you haven't got much time for it these days, and I hope work and study both go well.
Jen M

Thanks, Gareth, I hope so too.

Jen, thanks for letting us know the reasons for your absence in the future. We happy few will naturally miss your input so we will have to keep going until you return on a regular basis. Best of good fortune in the new ventures.

Hello, Jen. Good to have you back and to know that it is only life that has kept you away. I have only just begun to get back in to the Big Readers habit, and you seem to have far more reason for absence than I can claim. I really look forward to hearing from you whenever you have time.

Best wishes!q
Joe McWilliams

Hi Jen. Nice to see you again and I look forward to reading whatever you manage to post. I encourage you to post about what you read for reasons other than pleasure, as well.
Gul Darr

Hi Jen. I hope the studies go well and that you find at least a little time to read for pleasure still.

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