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John Steinbeck: Voice of America

Just thought I'd highlight this one-hour documentary on BBC4 tonight (22.11.11).  Melvyn Bragg discusses some of Steinbeck's novels and travels through the landscape in which they are set - Grapes of Wrath, Cannery Row and East of Eden are apparently the main focus, with, the RT promises us, film of the American landscape that is stunning enough to draw our attention away from Melv's hair!

Forgot to include the time - it's on at 9pm.

I'll believe it when I see it. The landscape, that is - I can never quite believe Melvyn's hair.

I have just caught up with this programme - excellent.  Lots of interesting background and insight, and as ever, Melvyn's presentation was superb.  Hurray for BBC4 - no other channel would do something as detailed as this on a novelist.

Melvyn is a star - can't imagine life without "In Our Time".

Further props for BBC4: the superb programme about Bobby Fischer that was on the other night.

Can't believe it's a target for cuts, while trashy BBC3 remains a higher priority.  BBC4 makes the best programmes on television bar none - plus gives us fab Scandinavian dramas with subtitles - hey, they might even think some of us are vaguely intelligent!   Cool

Indeed, but the Beeb obviously reckons that programmes on Jordan & Peter Andre are more appropriate to fulfil its remit as a public service broadcaster.
Green Jay

I'm horrified to hear that BBC3 might not be cut, while BBC4 will be - honestly, when they were looking for savings a while back and threatened some radio music channel etc, I thought: just axe BBC3, it's worthless trash for teenagers who are probably all looking at YouTube  or Dave instead, anyway. Problem solved.

I don't know how it can justify that given its remit as a public service broadcaster, not ITV competitor.

I think that's the BBC's main problem, though - it is now chasing viewing figures rather than focusing on quality, let alone public service.

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