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Irish and Ireland

I am about to start Thomas Keneally's Now and in Time to Be - a quote from Yeats' poem Easter 1916. It's a short book, less than 200 pages but I expect it to be densely written.  And I know next to nothing about Ireland so its geography is foreign to me, and its history I only know vaguely.  I do remember the endless nightly news bulletins in the 1970s headlining the troubles in Ireland. This is written in 1991, so he mentions the economic revival in the short introduction.

Keneally is Australian of Irish extraction, and is a highly respected author of fiction and non-fiction: I don't know if he is as well-known in Britain as he is in his native country.  He has won the Booker Prize at least once - for Shindler's Ark, the book from which the Oscar-winning movie was based.

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