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Interesting  that  Samuel Richardson.. thought of
as one of the founders of the English Novel....

did nt start writing his first novel  .. Pamela..
till he was  over  50  !
Gul Darr

There's false hope for me yet  then!

I dind't know that.  Had Richardson written other works, say journalistic things or essays, before that?

One of NZ's highly thought of novelists, Barbara Anderson, did not publish her first novel till she was about 65 and has since then written about 10.  Very good, very readable.

Cheers, Caro.

Mary Wesley, author of 'The Camomile Lawn', was another noted 'late starter'. She was in her 60s when she wrote her first novel.

Stendhal was around 40 before he published.

Catherine Cookson - not the most literary figure in the world, I will admit - wrote her first book when she was forty and only after being encouraged to so by her husband.  


And of course, Giuseppe di Lampedusa wrote his one and only novel, The Leopard, when he was 60. And what a terrific novel it is!
Thursday Next

This is encouraging. It quite counters the slightly depressing feeling I get every time I read something about someone who has published a novel at 15 or something.

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