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IMPORTANT Internet Browser Security Issues

I have just seen on the Beeb that there seems to serious issues with Internet explorer from what I understand (I came in half way through the article) there is a serious flaw in the security of IE and hackers are using websites where you have to log in and give a password and when you log in to these sites you end up getting stuff on to your computer which then enables the hackers to take over your computer, and access your stuff there is an article about it on the Beeb website as well,  I have downloaded firefox as a result but to do so I had to use internet explorer to get onto the internet in the first place. I don't know how safe firefox is or whether that is effected as well, but it seems as though the hackers are using websites to get to individuals  apparently microsoft are working to develop a patch but the hackers are one step ahead of them. I know this is not book related but I thought it was an important thing to bring to everyones attention.

Thanks for that Apple.

Here is the link to the article : Security Flaw


I've switched to Firefox this morning after several recommendations.

I've included a link to the BBC News Article since I couldn't see Microsoft advising anyone to use an alternative browser.

Thanks, Apple.

Though I haven't used IE for a very long time - it's always been more vulnerable than Firefox - I used to have lots of security issues with IE, and have had absolutely none since switching to Firefox two or three years ago.

Yep...switching to Firefox is a lot less hassle than trying to fix IE, so I'm with Sarah_H on that one...actually, on most things  Very Happy

I've included a link to the BBC News Article since I couldn't see Microsoft advising anyone to use an alternative browser.

No they didn't - it was some expert they interviewed on the beeb report who advised using another browser, sorry if I did not make that clear,  apparently Microsoft were approached to give a comment they said to stay with them as they were fixing the problem and other browsers had their own security issues.

Can anyone who has installed Firefox help me?

I have tried to get Adobe flash player thingy which is an essential plug in on a lot of the sites my children use for their homework, and it won't download, it keeps telling me I have to close Firefox first but if I do that I can't download it - HELP!

If you can wait until 6pm there should be a patch to resolve the security issues with IE - see the BBC website for more news. Otherwise I can't help - I downloaded the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player last night, but it didn't prompt me to close Firefox until I'd downloaded the .exe installation file. Maybe someone more technologically minded than I can advise.

Thanks Chib!

I shouted at it, swore at it, and threatened to throw the computer out of the window then I thought it out logically and now its sorted!  I managed to get it to download just now.

It didn't like it because I was doing it on my settings I went in as my husband and it did it straight away, because he is set as an administrator and I'm just a user - stupid bloody machine!

I'm not going back to IE, this one seems far more secure!

I've been using Firefox for years, but only because my brother decided  I was when he built the computer in the first place and I didn't argue!  I only use IE to get into the MSN Books Board and as soon as that goes, so will the browser.


One thing - I used to be able to download films from youtube on to realplayer using Firefox. Then it got upgraded and I can't any longer.

But I CAN on IE...


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