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Illustrious Company

I'm afraid I shan't be there in person, but I do love being in such an illustrious list!

Glasgow’s spoken word event, WordDogs, returns on Monday November 1st at Cafe Hula, 321 Hope Street, for a night of fiendishly horrible poetry and prose from:

Hal Duncan, Jim Steel, Mark Harding, Etta Dunn, Mo Blake, G.W. Colkitto, Elaine Gallagher, Lindsay MacLeod, Mike Alexander, Peter Tennant, Michael S. Collins, Ian Paton, Karen Ellery, Reggie Oliver and M.R. James

Wonder if I'll have a Scottish accent?

"Fiendishly horrible"? Oh come on ... your prose isn't that bad! Wink

Congratulations, Mike. I keep meaning to read M.R. James. If he writes as well as you, I'll move him up the TBR a bit.

Well I didn't like to say anything, but I notice they've given me the higher billing. And assuming M.R. James is out of copyright, I'd imagine we're getting the same fee.  Laughing

Well, as far as I am concerned you are the most illustrious person on that list, Mike!  I have heard of M R James, because people here refer to him, and other than that none of the names are particularly familiar.

hich of your works will they be reading? And is it on the net anywhere so that those of us who can't make it to Glasgow can read it ourselves?

It's a (very) short story called Ingénue. It's not currently online, though it probably will be at some point. At 1400 words - about 4 or 5 pages - it's too long for flash fiction and too short for a short story, so chances of publication seem even more vanishingly tiny than usual.

That's what blogs are for!  Very Happy

I look forward to reading it in due course.

The story is now up on my blog, and is in today's 'window' on the TTA Press Advent Calendar.

Excellent, Mike. I enjoyed it and didn't see the ending coming! It must be a step towards fame and glory.

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