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I'm Back

Hello everyone i am back i kept on forgeting to come on here after getting a new computer and all i have just been progressing well on school and making a few poems Very Happy

Hi Bookbox!  Glad to hear you're doing well!

Read any good books lately, bookbox? I'm reading lots of books for children, though more because I have to than because I want to.

I have read two good books the others were just as unreadable
as"The Old Curiosity Shop"I read New Moon By Stephenie Meyer and i am trying to learn Mandarin for no obvious reason im doing good at school Year 6 the final year of primary school.Scary!!! Shocked

Well, I've read The Old Curiosity Shop - so it can't be that unreadable!

Maybe bookbox was trying to read it in Mandarin...

I wouldn't if I were you Bookbox: I hear the Mandarin translation is crap!

If you want a bit of Dickens but don't fancy diving into a huge long novel, try a short story called "The Signalman". Itreally is a very creepy ghost story!

Yes, I'd second that. I think it was the first Dickens I ever really got to grips with (though I was quite a bit older than BookBox!).

New Moon eh?! I would consider that totally unreadable if its anything like Twilight, my daughter has read it and informs me its very good, but I think I will have to take her word for it as Twilight was the biggest load of rubbish I have ever had the misfortune to waste an afternoon on and don't wish to repeat it!


Thats strange I find New Moon Readable and I can only read about 50 pages of The Old Curiousity Shop Maybe it is because im 10 and I don't understand Dickens language because he was in the 19th century so I dont really understand Victorian English because of thou and stuff or was that the 16th century?.Oh well I am also not really a big fan of Dickens
I prefer Roald Dahl though.I had a piece of homework and my teacher shortened the length of time we had and I only did a paragraph,so that was annoying I was a bit shocked Shocked when she said that.
We read 2 pages of Bleak House by Charles Dickens that was taken out the book into a literacy text book
Billy the Fish

Hooray.....I'm now back as well; having been in a non-reading fit recently and relationship breakdown I've now discovered I can use my work computer to get here - hooray!

And here you all were, not even having noticed my absence. Shame on you all!

Billy! Not a day has gone by when I haven't wondered just where you were. A hearty welcome back.

Hello Billy, good to see you again. Iím afraid so many people have deserted us, that we hardly feel these desertions worth commenting upon! But to echo Chibiabos, itís great to see you here, and if you look around, I think youíll find quite a few old faces who have stuck with us. And even a few who, like yourself, had left, but couldnít keep away! Welcome back!

Hello Billy - of course you have been missed!  I often read back through threads and wonder what some of the posters are up to, and whether we will see them again.  I am sorry you have had a rough ride lately...hope things are going better - it's great to see you here!
Green Jay

Good to see you. The more the merrier!  Very Happy

Looking forward to reading your comments.

Hi Billy welcome back, I hope everything goes well with you from nowon. Books and keeping in touch with old friends can be therapeutic.


Good to see you again Billy! †Hope things improve for you from now on!! Very Happy so many regular posters seem to have left recently and I have been lurking for a while - not really got a lot to say at the mo!

nice to be back

Nice to be back. †Regards to all, Joe Turner and Jack Pollack

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