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I'm back!

Did you notice I was gone?    Very Happy

I had major puter problems over the weekend and had to have XP reloaded.  Which meant I lost all my bookmarks......  Crying or Very sad

Luckily I remembered that Mike is a member of the Science Forums and I did find that board!  So I PMed him for the url for here.... after 3 days of searching!  This board is damn near impossible to find!  

Anyway, it's good to be back.  What's been happening?

Hello Miranda, I had actually noticed that you hadnít been around for a while, but given the time of the year, such absences are usually put down to summer holidays. I was about to ask you where youíd been.

As for whatís been happening Ė not much, really (apart from such small matters as Caro being in an earthquake!) Iíve been focussing on my Shakespeare reads, and posting only on that. But good to see you back, anyway!

(PS To guard against future crashes, itís a good idea to e-mail oneself the urls of all oneís favourite sites, so if you do lose your bookmarks, everything you need is in your in-box.)

Hi Miranda,

When I am at another computer I can find our group by googling Big Readers and usually somewhere in the top dozen sites it is there.  I can never remember the myfastforum part.  

But I do have these important boards written somewhere too.  Just in case of disaster.  

Cheers, Caro.

Blow earthquakes, the real big news is that EVIES back!

I believe one can also store one's bookmarks online, and if desired, share them with friends. is one of the best-known "social bookmarking" sites. I have to admit, I've yet to explore this aspect of the web.

Googling 'bigreaders' (no space) brings us up as the fourth link.

I think that was the problem, Mike.  It didn't occur to me to take out the space!    Embarassed

Himadri, I shall have to email the ones I now have to myself.  I have lost about 200 bookmarks.......

I did think of Caro when I heard about the earthquake.  But I read the thread and was relieved to see she was ok.

Good to see you back Miranda!! I've been popping in and out the past couple of weeks or so but not really posted anything and yes I had noticed you hadn't been around Very Happy

I was wondering where you were!   You ok?

I'm fine thanks for asking - just a bit busy!! I have posted a few times but nothing of earth shattering importance!! I have been looking in though - its just when I get chance to look in nobody else seems to be here!!

As the title of the this thread which I have now hyjacked suggests I am back - did anyone miss me..or even notice I'd gone?? (even if you did I doubt anyone would admit it LOL  Wink )

My reasons - a pretty shitty time the past few months or so to put it bluntly, I had a cancer scare - thankfully proved all clear but pretty scary all the same when you are going through it, followed by a close family member bereavement followed by 5 further bereavements (4 of which were in one week!!), and then just for good measure a nice dose of illness - not me...yet but I'm sure it will be coming my way as these things do. So I have decided I'd quite like this year to be over now as I've had enough of it and everything thats happened.

Welcome back, Apple,  Sounds as if you've had a pretty miserable time lately.  I trust the coming months will be trouble free.  Michael

You seem to have had a terrible time. Bereavements always leave me numb, and to go through so many in so short a space of time must have been hard. But at least you are well, which, after what youíve been thorough, must be a huge relief.
Jen M

Hi Apple - yes, I had noticed you hadn't been around and am sorry to hear about your difficult times.  Welcome back.

You poor thing.  You've had a terrible time.  I do hope things go better for you from now on.
Green Jay

That sounds awful, Apple. Just want to add my best wishes for things to improve now for you and yours, and glad that you are well after your scare.

Hi Apple,
Best wishes from me too. You must be drained after so many  anxieties and I hope that you and your family are trouble free long before the new year.

Same from me, and let's hope things change for the better before the new year.

Thank you for the kind comments guys - very much appreciated!!  its been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least the worry about the cancer scare then the euphoria when it was proved to be nothing bad then losing my dear father, then just when things seemed to be getting sorted out, getting week from hell I tell you I was getting to the point where I was thinking who else was going to die, especially as 2 of them were totally out of the blue, unexpected and untimely.

Still looking on the bright side had a bit of good news today (about bloody time!!) my husband has been discharged from the hospital as the problems he was having - as well as everything else which has been going on have now rectified themselves and he is now better Very Happy

Hi Apple

Lovely to see you back and nice to hear that you've had some good news of late. Long may it continue!


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