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I am away for about ten days - off to visit one son, dil and little 2-year-old, then off to collect another son, dil and 4-year-old off the plane, returning to NZ after ten years away.  They will be staying here for a while and my husband has been working madly building shelves and renovating beds and putting up new curtains etc, and now at 10.30pm before they leave we are just about ready.  Exhausted but ready.

Caro, we will miss you, as you are one of the few reliable posters on here these days. I do wish you every happiness in enjoying the pleasures of having your family around you. I count myself very blessed in that all of my grandchildren live close to me, so that I am able to see them on a regular basis. It does mean that for longish periods - like the school holidays, for instance, I am either too busy, or too tired, to visit the Big Readers board on a regular basis, but that is a small sacrifice and one I make very happily. Enjoy your time withe the new generation, and do come back and tell us all about them when you have the time.

Much love to you all


       Big Readers Forum Index -> Who are you? How are you? Where are you? etc.
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