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Help please

I want to buy my son a book which I assume will be available online, but not in our local bookshops.  I have only done this once or twice (bought Tom Beck's translation of Eugene Onegin) and am only really familiar with Amazon.

But I am sure someone here said there was a far better online seller, but I can't remember what it was, and am not keen to take a punt on any of them.  Reliability is more important to me than price, so who was recommended?  Could have been by Castorboy who may not be around at the moment.  

Cheers, Caro.

Are you wanting it sent to NZ or to an address in the UK? I think Amazon is very reliable, at least if you order direct (third party Marketplace sellers vary), and presume they will send anywhere. The Book Depository is a very good online seller ( that sends worldwide, but I think they list most if not all of their stock on Amazon too.

I have never had any problems with Amazon (direct) as Chibiabos said the various marketplace sellers vary but again I have never had any issues with books I have bought from sellers on there - you obviously check out their rating and feedback from previous sales and as a rule I don't touch anyone with less than a 98% positive feedback.

The only other online books sellers I can think of apart from what has already been mentioned on here is The book people but they tend to sell books in bulk very cheaply, and are quite limited in their selection, but are also very reliable, I don't know whether or not they ship worldwide though.

I have had good service with Abe Books who were recommended to me. They have not let me down and been pretty prompt.

The other site that people often say is better than Amazon is  I have never used them, as I am so happy with Amazon, but I often hear or read people who say how good Play are.  I have ordered so much stuff from Amazon over the years, I dread to think how much - but have only ever had one bad experience, when something didn't turn up, and it turned out that the third-party seller appeared to have gone out of business but was still taking orders.  Amazon dealt with it very quickly (from the feedback, they had hundreds of complaints to deal with) and refunded the money.  Other than that, everything has arrived in very good time, usually quicker than the estimates, and even in all the snow and ice before Christmas, they got everything to me in good time.  

I suppose I feel quite loyal to them because the service is fantastic, and everything is now delivered free within the UK.  I don't know what the deal is with NZ - but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Amazon.

I have been ordering from Amazon for a few years and have never had a problem.

I use Amazon mainly for new books, and Abebooks for secondhand. Abebooks is actually more like Amazon marketplace - it isn't a seller as such, but a facilitator for third parties. The sellers are generally independent secondhand bookshops (but also sometimes private individuals). Thus the service may vary depending on the vendor, though I've never had any problems myself. The Book Depository also has a good reputation, and I've used them once or twice. Sometimes ebay can be worth a look too.

One thing to watch out for is postage costs. Quite often you can get free delivery with Amazon, so the apparently cheaper Amazon marketplace prices can often be misleading (typically you pay around 2.50 for delivery).

Evie Wrote:
The other site that people often say is better than Amazon is I have never used them, as I am so happy with Amazon, but I often hear or read people who say how good Play are.
Oh yes I forgot about them. They used to be really good and I got a lot of stuff from them, but I have found they have gone off significantly in recent times! The only thing in their favour is no P&P on anything. But you can pick up books from Amazon with free P&P and sometimes things are slightly more expensive from Play probably to cover the P&P

Thank you all for that.  I think it means I will be happy to look for this book on Amazon.  Very irritated with myself - it is an autobiography of Lee Kwan Yew which I think he would like and I saw it at Singpore airport and decided to buy it on our way home.  We were at Singpore airport for over 12 hours and though some of that was spent sleeping, there was plenty of time for buying a book, but I just forgot.

So now have to fiddle round with online buying, which I don't really do.

In NZ people don't go to E-Bay; everyone here uses a NZ one called Trade Me.  But I don't really do Trade Me either.  Some people live on it.  

Cheers, Caro.

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