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Desperate Housewife

Hello Everybody

Hello Everybody,

I'm really pleased to have found this site after being in the the wilderness message boarding wise since the closure of the Big Read Board.
I am gradually catching up with modern technology and found the archived Big Read board the other day. It's really weird (and lovely) to read it all again - great days!!!! Who else is here and what are you up to/reading?

I'm not reading as much fiction as I used to since I am studying for a degree and my time is very much taken up with that. I have started 'The Casual Vacancy' by J.K. Rowling as a bit of light relief, but haven't got far yet because it isn't gripping me.

Also are there any tips for using this board? It isn't coming instinctively to me. Thanks, DH.  Very Happy

Hello Desperate Housewife,  hello1

Good to see you. I'm Apple I joined the Beeb site a few months before it eventually closed and joined the MSN incarnation that Evie started shortly afterwards and then migrated to here when we were all evicted from MSN when they closed that side of things and Evie came to the rescue again with this site.  Quite a number of the original members are still here although we are quite quiet these days and only a small number seem to visit/post regularly.

Hello Desperate Housewife

I do remember you from the old days! I was called HectorMann back then I think. Can't believe how long ago that was...

Welcome (back) to the board!

Michelle? I daren't believe my eyes. Gareth here.

Hello Desperate Housewife, I remember you very well. It was lovely to see your 'name' again. What degree are you studying for? I do hope you'll join us regularly as we are a bit quiet nowadays though we have had a couple of new members and the discussions are still very interesting. What is your opinion of the adult JK Rowling novel?
Desperate Housewife

Well, this is exciting and unexpected on a dreary Thursday afternoon! Yes, Gareth, it is me - somehow, I got lost in the transition between boards.
Hello also to Apple, Hector and Ann, it's lovely to see you.

Ann, I am studying for a BA (Hons) in Counselling (2nd year). I'm finding it incredibly energising, rewarding and just plain interesting. As far as the JK Rowling book is concerned, the fact that I have been reading it for over three weeks and am only a third of the way through probably indicates that I am not gripped, but I do intend to finish it and wouldn't like to make a judgement until the end.

Hello Desperate Housewife. Welcome to our new home. I’m also one of the people who followed Evie from the BBC to MSN and this board.

Tip: for latest messages click ‘View posts since last visit’ (on the right hand side in small letters)
Desperate Housewife

Hi Marita, good to see you and thanks for the tip. I think it looks as if I will be learning by trial and error!

Lovely to see you here!

The board is much quieter than it used to be, but, as someone-or-other said, though much is taken, much remains. (Where's that line from? It's drifting around my head, but I can't quite place it...)

Anyway, having you back does make it seem a bit like old times again! (I am getting nostalgic here...)

(Edited to correct typos. And I remember now where that line's from - it's from Tennyson's "Ulysses")
Desperate Housewife

Hi Himadri, good to see you. There's nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia.

Hello There. Welcome to the board.  I'm new here myself.
It seems I'm the only one from the States posting at the moment as well.

Let us know how you like the Rowling book. I have it in my Library queue, but that will be a long wait. I refuse to buy it, since I've not heard great things about it (I'm cheap).

Hooray I'm so glad you found us again. I still think fondly of the old BBC Board 'it seems just yesterday but also so distant'
We don't seem to have a wistfully nostalgic emoticon. Smile
Desperate Housewife

Hi Liz, good to meet you, and county_lady, lovely to see you again. I haven't investigated the emoticons yet.

Welcome back! I used to be 'Meredith' back in the old days, but when we moved to this board, I decided to drop some of the disguise! I don't post all that much these days: since I retired and have lots of spare time I have become horribly lazy, but I do still read the posts on here, and, of course, read much more than I was able to before.

I haven't been tempted by the J.K. Rowling book. I am sure she has contributed a huge amount to the world of books simply by getting kids reading the Harry Potter series, but there is nothing about that series or this new book that actually attracts me.
Desperate Housewife

Hello Chris a.k.a. Meredith, I remember you. Glad to be here.

DH (LWG), if (as I hope) this place becomes a regular haunt I would recommend bookmarking this page: I imagine for those of us not here from the start of this incarnation of the board it might be a bit confusing working out what goes where. I tend to treat the 'new posts' page as the first port of call, then I can see what people have been discussing most recently. Also, bear in mind that when visiting threads you have read before, clicking the yellow icon by the thread's name will take you to the posts added since your last visit. (Hope that makes sense.) It really is lovely to see you again. I'm not a great one for emoticons, but on this occasion I feel justified in wheeling out one of these:

Desperate Housewife

Thanks Gareth, I love the emoticon and feel vey touched to have been received so warmly. Strangely, I had completely forgotten about the 'LWG' element of my 'name'!

I will try and bookmark the new posts page as you suggest, although I have an Apple now and am regretting it a bit because I can't seem to get to grips with it, but that's another story. I haven't yet worked out whether it is possible to respond to individual posts on a thread, or whether it all runs consecutively. Advice welcomed. Thanks  Very Happy

Desperate Housewife wrote:
I haven't yet worked out whether it is possible to respond to individual posts on a thread, or whether it all runs consecutively. Advice welcomed. Thanks  Very Happy

It all runs consecutively, none of the nice little branches that the first Big Read board had, but if you click the 'quote' button in the top right-hand corner of a post, you can make it clear which post (or which part of a post) you are replying to - as I am doing now.
Desperate Housewife

Thanks, thought so.

Hello DH!  So lovely to see you again - I assumed you were now better groomed, hence dropping the LWG!  Great that you have joined the board.
Desperate Housewife

Hi again, Evie, so glad to have found you over here - thanks for the tip off. Sadly, I remain LWG than I would like.
Jen M

Hello, I remember you too!  Welcome! (or should that be welcome back!)?

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