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As I was super early wishing everyone a merry christmas, I thought it was only right that I should be super early and wish everyone a happy new year as well so to everyone - especially those suffering from the lurgy at the moment (my daughter has it so I fear its only a matter of time and definately when not if I catch it!)



Yes, Happy New Year everyone! I shall be away from home and away from the computer for the next few days, so I will be unable to contribute to the festivities on here, but I will raise a virtual galss to you all this evening. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to a return to business as usual after the chaos of the last ten days!


Here's hoping that it will be a peaceful and successful 2009 -
- International Year of Astronomy.



We have just seen the New Year in here, on the beach quarter of an hour away.  Plenty of stars but no moon so a bit dark even with a large bonfire.  A band playing and lots of young people wandering around.  

Hope your year is a great one.

Cheers, Caro.

Yes, health, courage and many good reads for 2009 from me too!

The courage is to meet what will inevitably be a challenging year for many.  

Happy New Year!

Very best wishes now and throughout 2009 to everyone, and may all your wishes come true.

I'm looking forward to tonight as my 3 young grandchildren are sleeping over and we're going to have a candlelit pizza party with chocolate fondue with marshmallows to follow.  What a treat - and with their parents' permission for such an unhealthy meal just this once!

Hope you have a lovely time, bookfreak!  Sounds wonderful.

I am on my own - dog-sitting for my brother and his family while they are skiing in Finland (there is something wrong here somewhere...!!) - but have wine and chocolates and a few good things on the telly, and a log fire, so I am looking forward to the evening too.

Oh to be free of animals, though...

A very happy healthy, prosperous and reading New Year to everybody.

We in Scotland are braced for impact for the Hogmanay celebrations, but the Moonchild family will be in out of the cold and hoping that the neighbour through the wall is at somebody else's New Year party this year!


Happy New Year fellow Big Readers.
Very Happy  Here is hoping we all have a happy and healthy year and enjoy not only our reading but our discussions here on the board.
Off out for a curry tonight and then drinks with friends, will have to walk home and it is freezing outside already!!

Happy New Year, Everyone.

I'm exiled to the bedroom, (step-children are here) on the bed, with the dog, the laptop and a few good books

(Isn't that supposed to be a few good men? Ah..that was New Year's Eve a few years's all coming back to me now!)

The casserole and jacket potatoes are in the oven.  The champagne is on ice and the mixed berry tart is defrosting.

As I toast the New Year, I shall drink an extra toast to all of you on BigReaders.drunken  


It is now officially 2009 - I hope that it is a good year for everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone! Good luck with all your resolutions and I hope the year ahead has lovely things in store.
Klara Z

Happy New Year, everyone! I have made many new year's resolutions---most of them about getting more reading done and completing the novel (novella?) that  I've started writing as part of my Creative Writing course. And I shall try and drop in here more often for book chat---this is the best messageboard on the net as far as I'm concerned!

Happy New Year, one and all!

In my customary rock'n'roll style, I was assembling flat-packed dining chairs when the fireworks went off last night. Pretty crazy, huh?!

And the two dogs I am looking after went pretty crazy when the fireworks went off!  Fortunately there only seemed to be three fireworks (!) and it was all over by 12.05am, but it then took me ages to get the dogs to calm down, and I eventually got to bed just before 2am - even then the dogs would not go back in their room, and I had to let them roam free in the house (but definitely not in my bedroom!).  They seem fine this morning, as does the house.

We had loads of fireworks here as well, loud earth splitting bangs and my dog went crazy he hates them.  They lasted until about 12.30, then seemed to peeter out.

We had fireworks too but nothing earth splitting and they didn't really last long.

I'm pleased to announce that the neighbour through the wall didn't have a party at all so everyone in the Moonchild household actually managed to get a full 7 or 8 hours sleep - which makes all the difference, I find.


Hmm, not sure when I last had 7 hours sleep - but only four last night - and all because of three pathetic fireworks!  And one very neurotic dog...the other one would have been fine on her own, but the older one is a bag of nerves.  I should feel sorry for her, but basically which cats and dogs did not exist at all.

I saw in the New Year while in the line of duty from the sober side of a bar, and found myself caught in the crossfire at midnight after the Boss had given out twenty free bottles of champagne to the patrons.

Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope your celebrations were a bit drier than mine.

[quote="county_lady"]A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL

Here's hoping that it will be a peaceful and successful 2009 -
- International Year of Astronomy.

There is a proposal to designate a ‘starlight park’ over the MacKenzie Country in the South Island of NZ. The sky is so much darker in this part of the world that astronomers would like to see a protection area set up to reduce any light pollution in the night sky. There is a world famous observatory St Johns already in the area which is not far from the scenic Lake Tekapo.

                          Happy New Starry Year
Gul Darr

A happy and peaceful New Year to you all  Very Happy

Happy New Year from me too

And from me...

Thought I'd get it in before the weekend (then it's back to normal for most, I'd imagine)
Jen M

A rather late Happy New Year from me - I know it's the 5th and I've been back at work today, like many others I'm sure; but I'm still feeling positive.  Long may that continue!

Well thats all the fuss over for another year, christmas was officially over when I went back to work today!

Anyway, thats it  - hopefully things will get back to normal when the New year kicks in, but I'm not going to be around again till 2013 is here so ...

A touch on the early side I know but

Have a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year and I hope 2013 is a good one for you all!
occasion5  occasion9  occasion7  wav

Well another year has dawned, here's hoping 2014 is a good year for everyone on here, quite frankly I am glad to see the back of 2013 it can go and sod off into the realms of history now and i hope that 2014 is a much better year!

Anyway less of my ramblings

A very happy healthy and prosperous new year to everyone on the BR board.

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