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Basically that! Happy Easter to all on the Big Readers Board! Very Happy

toothy4 HAPPY EASTER! toothy4

Happy Easter to you Apple and to every Big (and Small) Reader.


I would offer you all some of my home-made hot cross buns, but although I made about 15 of these, 15 of a lovely coffee bun and my son brought us about 20 of his buns, there are now (with just four of us eating them since Thursday evening) just three left!

Happy Easter anyway to you all.

Cheers, Caro.

Damn I love hot cross buns!!! I'll just have to make do with choccy easter eggs! Wink

I went to church today and the service started with the "Worcester Antiphoner," there was a motet of "Alleluia" by Mozart and it ended with a short Gloria from the Little Organ Mass by Hadyn.  However, the music, particularly the Mozart, was ruined by people chattering all the way through it.  What is it about some people that they cannot keep quiet and listen to music?  A particular bugbear of mine is talking in the theatre during the overture; don't people realise it is part of the performance?

Anyway, rant over, Happy Easter to everyone.

My Easter present from my husband was the DVD of the TV version of "Brideshead Revisited".  He had no idea I was discussing it on this board and, having purchased it two weeks ago,  got concerned when I came back from the library ten days ago with the recent film version.
How's that for telepathy?

Well I hope Easter Sunday was a good one for all the Big readers! I didn't go to church, in my opinion Easter has got nothing whatsoever to do with a bloke getting nailed to a cross, but as I say thats my opinion, I took full advantage of not having to get up and go to work and had a lie in (LAZY!) but I can't remember the last time I had a lie on a Sunday morning, and a I had a Sunday dinner I went to town and did the full works nice joint of Pork roasties, veg etc etc, I normally work every Sunday and so the only time I get a Sunday dinner is when I get the weekend off (which happens 4 times a year - I get 4 weeks holiday) or at Easter and had a quiet day being a complete slob, watching tv and reading - and enjoyed every minute of it!!!
Jen M

Happy Easter all; I went to church with my son, we went to the "alternative" family service which struck just the right level of informality for me (sometimes these can get quite chaotic!)  Then on to my parents' for Sunday dinner which was also good. flower

Hope everyone had a nice weekend - lie-in sounds fab, Apple, and Sunday dinner sounds even better!  I am happy because I have finally found a way to connect my laptop to my sister's wireless broadband (she is away, so I am staying at her house for a week to feed the cat) - hope I can maintain contact!

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