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H.G. Wells

Interesting that he wrote 4 of his most famous novels....

The Time Machine
The Island of Dr Moreau
The Invisible Man
The War of the worlds....

.......between 1895 and 1898...... quite a productive 3 years !

He seems to have had a pretty hot sex life too.....
living at home with his wife and keeping his mistress in a flat.
A long liason with Rebecca West with whom he had a son ... children with other women too....
He obviously had great energy and vitality to produce all those articles, novels, short stories... histories....
Im wondering is this energy linked with a big sexual libido ?
do they go together ?

Charles Dickens comes to mind.... he had many children and also had mistresses.
Not content with that he often crossed the channel to visit Paris and indulge in his sexual craving.
Again... a guy with great energy.... and an enormous literary output.

Another.... more modern writer is Jeffrey Archer...
Love him or hate him he has energy and drive producing novels and short stories.... even plays !
Along with that creative energy we see .....yet again .....a big sexual libido which has got him into all kinds of trouble.
His lovely, long suffering wife Mary just has to grin and bear all the public scandal.
John Q

I used to love Wellsí writing when much younger.  I read just about everything he wrote. And that includes the Sci-Fi, the social novels like Kipps,  Mr Polly etc and going onto the big social /historical books  like the Outline of History, The Work Wealth and Happiness of Mankind -  a huge book in ambition and size -  and the Science of Life.  These was also  his very readable autobiography which Wells  as usual tried to give a unique twist to by calling it Experiment in Autobiography, but it was just an autobiography like all the others.  
I donít read him at all now,  I have often wondered why.  Maybe he is a young persons  author,  that sense of  we must sweep away all this and begin again that seems to run through his works.  Some historian said of Wells that he had written a lot of history but had not read much of it,  which struck me as probably true. You get this sort of thing from the likes of Terry Deary  these days  with their  Horrible Histories stuff.  
In truth Wells seems a bit lightweight to me now. Probably the best of him was in the early sci - fi stuff where the inevitable social message is at least wrapped up in an exciting yarn.

thanks,  never knew he wrote an autobiog
Ill have to check it out !

Not too long ago I read 'Love and Mr Lewisham', 'Mr Britling Sees It Through' and 'Tono-Bungay'. I enjoyed them all a lot, especially 'Tono-Bungay' which I highly recommend if you haven't read it.

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