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Guides and the War

I think I might have mentioned earlier that I had started How the Girl Guides Won the War by Janie Hampton, but I put it on the backburner while I read others but now I have gone back to it, though probably only temporarily.  It is so interesting.  Done in themed chapters, it takes us through the history of the guiding movement briefly before telling the stroies of individual countries' experieces, especially Poland and England.  There are also chapters on Jersey, the Japanese invasion of China and its effect on the Chenoo school there, guides at Auschwitz. Quite a number were killed during the Warsaw uprising, along with nuns.  One escaped after been shot at twice towards her head.  

The contrast between what was important to the German overlords in Jersey and the Japanese in China was striking: the Germans wouldn't allow any religious ceremonies or uniforms; the Japanese were tolerant of both.  But the main thing that comes through all the stories is the lack of food, and the courage of the girls. They crawl under shattered houses to get to survivors, they rescue people under fire, they take part in resistence movements, they risk their lives to get milk for under-nourished babies, they keep knitting under duress to aupply warm clothing for old people and children, they keep orphanages and old people's homes going. Their courage and faith to the Guide vows are incredible.

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