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Garrison Keillor

Just finished reading, and hugely enjoyed, Garrison Keillor's new novel "Liberty".  It takes place in his fictitious town of Lake Wobegone in Minnesota inhabited largely by descendants of Norwegian settlers, a dour somehat misanthropic collection of individuals.  The chief character is Clint Bunsen who is in charge of the town's Fourth of July celebrations. At the start of the book he discovers that he is not of Norwegian descent but is Hispanic and this causes a crisis of identity.  He copes with organising the parade while deciding what to do with his life.
The book is very funny. Packed with Keilllor's laconic rambling paragraphs in his own idiosyncratic style which often made me laugh out loud.  It is full of comic set-pieces like the organisation of the Living Flag, which readers who've read Keillor before will recognise from an earlier outing.  The climax of the book is the parade itself where all the book's narrative strands come hilariously together.  
Keillor has been described as the funniest American writer since Mark Twain.  I don't know about that - but he certainly is very amusing.
If you don't know Keillor try to listen to him reading his own stuff in his very particular style.
He can also be seen in Robert Altman's last film, the haunting "A Prarie Home Companion" based on Keillor's long running radio programme of the same name.

I have on my bookshelves a second-hand copy of Lake Wobegon Days, but it never seems to get beyond that.  There are, I am afraid a considerable number of books awaiting me and they seem to grow all the time rather than reduce.  But I like the sound of funny and laconic and rambling.  May perhaps move him closer to where I see him.

Cheers, Caro.

Keillor fans may be interested in the following event, in London on May 16th & 17th. I don't know if he's doing any other cities/dates or if this is a one off.

NB: for seniors discount you need to phone rather than book through the site.

Mike H, I meant to say that I recently watched Prairie Home Companion, and *loved* it.  I see it is on TV this weekend (always happens - I rent the DVD and then it comes on television a fortnight later!!).

Thanks for the tip about Prairie Home Companion, Evie. I saw it as an in flight movie and loved it too but somehow viewing a film on a tiny screen fixed to the back of a re-clinable chair, I never quite count as seeing a movie. It will be good to catch it on tv.

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