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Free audiobook offer

Last week's Radio Times gave details of an offer in conjunction with audiobook website whereby one gets a free downloadable audiobook if one registers for a 14-day trial. See here:;source_code=RTDP0007MI052809UK

The choice is very good, and there seem to be no price restrictions - one can even choose the unabridged Jim Norton/Marcella Riordan reading of Joyce's Ulysses, a saving of about 50. The process is fairly straightforward - one has to give credit card details as a means of verifying identity and download a program to facilitate the download of the audio files themselves, but apart from that it's not difficult. I chose Timothy West reading Barchester Towers.


I can but feel a little nervous about what you have done, keep a very carefull watch on you bank statment !!!

Audible is a very-well-established site - if memory serves, it's the number one for audio book downloads. It's been running for 11 years and was bought by in March 2008. They have an impressive 60,000 titles available.

They've been running this introductory offer for a long time - they frequently advertise on many of the most popular fiction podcasts, which is why I've heard of them.

I thought the name rang a bell, Mike - I suppose I must have heard it on some podcast or other.

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