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Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair this year has New Zealand as its guest of honour, which seems to mean we are focussed on and present NZ's literature and life to the world more easily.  Saturday morning on Radio NZ usually has our best presenter, Kim Hill, talking to a range of writers, scientists, artists, and various interesting people.  Today it is coming from Frankfurt from the NZ pavilion, and we have heard from a Maori story-teller making his mission to bring stories to the fore again, people talking about German life and history, NZ heritage and history, what the book fair represents and its purpose, etc.  There is rather a lot of noise in the background which makes it a bit hard to hear, and some drumming has meant they have disappeared for a while and we have music.

(What is this song they are playing that seems to be listing great figures of literature? Lessing, Golding, Kingsley Amis, Ivy Compton-Burnett, Gore Vidal, Gunter Grass, Malcolm Bradbury, Iain Banks, AS Byatt, Umberto Eco, Roddy Doyle, Salman Rushdie I have been able to pick up in the last minute.)
Joe McWilliams

One thing about the Germans, they love their trade fairs and seem to be constantly throwing world class ones for one industry or another. Most do not interest me, but a book fair....that might be fun. Do authors attend?

Trying to listen over the background noise in the bar where the interviews took place I thought Kim said the song was specially composed for the NZ presentation then being performed. Afterwards I struggled to hear what the authors were saying before I gave up and read the newspaper.

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