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Four Quartets

Did anyone else hear Jeremy Irons reading 'Four Quartets' on Radio 4 on Saturday afternoon? It was a competent rendition of some of my favourite poetry, although I have to admit, it was not quite up to the standard of Edward Fox, who I heard perform the same work in a small theatre many years ago.

I didn't, but there's a recording Ralph Fiennes made a few years ago that's available on CD which I like very much. I must make an effort to read Eliot properly this year, immerse myself in the Four Quartets and The Waste Land. The prospect of getting to know his poetry well is a pleasing one.

I have a recording of Paul Scofied reading The Four Quartets (and also The Waste Land). These seem favourite poems for actors to record.

I must admit that, despite a great many years' acquaintance, I never could get my head around The Four Quartets. Sure, these are fairly obscure in their meanings, but there are other poems equally obscure (the poetry of Yeats comes to mind here) that I find myself understanding far better.

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