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For Caro and Castorboy and any other Kiwis on the board!

Not that you need to be told any of this, of course!

Evie I spotted that too. I'd move immediately if they'd accept a couple of pensioners.

Has the added advantage of getting about as far away as possible from the present UK government!   Wink

Well, it certainly beats the sentence I read last night in the NZ Listener (by a NZer) who said, "Let's face it, New Zealand is still a ghastly little dump in many ways."  (He was writing as a gay man about an earlier author who was gay and found NZ restricting when he returned from England in  1951.)  I felt (a) duly offended and (b) presumed I was part of the population who make it a ghastly little dump and therefore guilty.  

It's good to hear our customs officers are appealing to visitors - but even here we don't dare to make jokes about bombs in our luggage.  

County Lady, I think if you have a spare billion or two, you would be welcomed here whatever your age.  

I think it's lovely too - but I also thought Britain was wonderful. Your government would seem much better if you didn't have such an awful media telling you far more about them than you need to know.

Cheers, Caro.

My son and daughter in law made a short trip to New Zealand from Brisbane last Xmas and what delighted them most was the absence of any water shortage so that they could luxuriate in a deep bath.

Ironically we are experiencing the driest summer and autumn for years in the north of the North Island with restrictions on watering gardens and washing cars. All of May so far has had temperatures in the high teens, blue cloudless skies and very little rain. Apart from the very occasional water shortages and if we only had Britain’s ancient houses, castles and cathedrals, it would be the perfect country. Failing that, some NZers make a habit of spending June to August in the Northern Hemisphere – the lucky and the wealthy ones!

Having made fun of British politicians’ names on another topic it’s only fair I should poke gentle fun at ours.
We have a Budget on Thursday so although our second official language is Maori, a key element in the survival of the government is English.
That’s because the Prime Minister is John Key and the Treasurer is Bill English.
Exit stage left pursued by a kiwi…….. hiding

       Big Readers Forum Index -> Who are you? How are you? Where are you? etc.
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