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Feeling Rough!

Hello!  been dentist this morning and had a tooth out, that was at 10.30 this morning and its now 3pm and I am still sitting here with cotton wool stuffed in my mouth because it won't stop bleeding! not to mention I can't feel half of my face, my nose and the bottom of my ear so I'm slobbering like a toddler as well!

Sounds like you're having a fairly rough time of it. Hope you feel better soon, and enjoy the soup in the meantime

Apple you have my sympathy (I hate anything done to my teeth). sad1

If the bleeding doesn't stop quickly do get it seen to, some years ago my mother's gums bled for hours and needed to be stitched.

I was in the dentist at more or less the same time!  

I had a temporary filling - talk to me about numbness and slobbering - and I get to do the whole thing again next week.  Oh Joy.

I do hope that you are feeling better soon and please do see to the bleeding.


Apple, your gum really shouldn't be bleeding for that long..... go and see the doctor about it.

Hello again its now whatever time it is - about 8.30 and i have thawed out and stopped bleeding I went back to the dentist and they had a look and said it was stopping it was just seeping a little, I took their word for it and it finally stopped completely about 5.00 hurts like hell though! A deep throbbing in my jaw -   a bad and broken tooth and it hurts more now its gone I didn't have any pain before but it had to come out as there wasn't that much left of it.

How's the tooth today?

I'm fine thanks - still painful I have this gaping hole in my gum with like a scab type thing forming over it, it looks pretty gross! I've had the lovely job of rinsing my mouth out with salt water today, the taste it leaves in your mouth is vile! tongue2

It is, isn't it!   I've had to do that with mouth ulcers and it does make you feel pretty sick.  But then, salt water has been used as an emetic for years!

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