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Favourite scenes and lines from plays

This short scene from Noel Coward’s BLITHE SPIRIT always makes me laugh. Charles and Ruth have employed a medium, Madame Arcati (originally played by Margaret Rutherford). They are having a séance.,  

MADAME ARCATI: Do you know anybody who has passed over recently?
CHARLES: Not recently, except my cousin in the Civil Service, and he wouldn’t be likely to want to communicate with me – we haven’t spoken for years.
MADAME ARCATI (hysterically): Are you Mr Condomine’s cousin in the Civil Service? (The table bumps violently several times.) I’m afraid we’ve drawn a blank…Can’t you think of anyone else? Rack your brains….
RUTH (helpfully): It might be old Mrs Plummet, you know – she died on Whit Monday.
CHARLES: I can’t imagine why old Mrs Plummet should wish to talk to me – we had very little in common.
RUTH: It’s worth trying anyhow.
MADAME ARCARTI: Are you old Mrs Plummet? (The table remains still.)
RUTH: She was very deaf – perhaps you’d better shout –
MADAME ARCATI (shouting):  Are you old Mrs Plummet? (Nothing happens.) There’s nobody there at all.

I love the David Lean film version. Margaret Rutherford played Madame Arcati there also.

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