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If anyone is on Facebook and wants to link up with me there, my real name is Victoria Mier (though I much prefer Evie!) and would be happy to accept friend requests from anyone here!

And you all know what my real name is, so do feel free to send. Friend Request. And if I don't respond, it means I don't like you! Wink

I have seen your facebook page Himadri! When you sent me those War and Peace notes ages ago, your email address was on my list so Facebook kept picking it up and saying that I knew you from it and telling me to send you a friend request!!

Having posted this, I have in fact deactivated my account for a while...but not because I didn't want people here to find me!  Just wanted a break, but I will go back to it.

I had a strange experience on Facebook this week.  I suddenly decided to see if a University contemporary was on Facebook and what he was up to these days.  I found his page only to discover that he died unexpectedly three days previously. Crying or Very sad

Since then I've been reluctant to search for people on Facebook.

I'm sorry to hear that, Sandra, it must have been a terrible shock for you. Its funny how strange things like that can happen,  similar instances have happened to me in the past not only on facebook but in real life as well.  

Don't let it put you off though, people knock facebook and I have had my fair share of issues with it (I got hacked) but it is brilliant for reconnecting with people you haven't seen for ages and catching up with them, and if that experience tells you anything its that life is too short to put off things like that.

       Big Readers Forum Index -> Who are you? How are you? Where are you? etc.
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