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Enid Blyton

I wonder did anyone see the BBC4 play 'Enid' this week about the life and career of Enid Blyton?  Miss Blyton's bones must be revolving in her grave, or her ashes blowing about distractedly, at the portrait presented in this play.  If EB was anything like the woman portrayed she must have been absolutely ghastly. Selfish, unfeeling, a combination of Clytemnestra and Lady Macbeth.  Her treatment of her own children was unsatisfactory to say the least. But the play was thoroughly enjoyable and had a lovely performance as EB from Helena Bonham Carter.
EB has received a lot of stick for her books over the last 80 years.The general belief being that they are poorly written and fail to open a child's mind. I suppose this is true, her books pandering to children's basic literary tastes and no more.  I remember reading a lot of EB's books when I was a child and enjoying them. But I moved onto other writers easily, and I don't think I've suffered any lasting adverse effects. But it's probably too early to say.  If a child reads ONLY EB then one might be worried.
Did other Readers read EB?  Or do their children?
In my sister's house there are quite a few EB first editions. I wonder how much they're worth.  If anything.

There's a thread about it here, Mike:

Thanks, I'd missed the other thread.

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