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Does anybody know??

Hi after a while away, from the board I have come back and was wondering if anyone knows how Evie's plan to open a bookshop was going?  I was hoping to ask her herself but she doesn't seem to be around at the moment either.

She's away at the moment, and has been too busy to post anyway, but it's almost up and running. News here:

Thank you for that, I took a look I hope it all goes well for her and the big opening is a success.

I am so sorry not to have been around at all for ages - I didn't intend to abandon the board completely!  Thanks very much for your interest Apple - the shop has now been open for three weeks and is going well - I will post more updates and a few photos soon...and plan to start visiting the board regularly again.

Hi Evie and I am glad its going well, I did email you but I'm not sure whether or not you got it as it bounced back to me.

I am intending on coming over to have a look for myself when I get the chance, Kenilworth is only about 3/4 of an hour away from me.

Also what happened to this site the past couple of days? I have been trying since Friday night to get in and obviously its working now as I am here writing this, but before when I tried it came up with "domain not found" and a white screen.  Just hoping it was a blip and doesn't happen again  Smile

I gather the Myfastforum central registry was hacked. Apparently back to normal now. Just in case, I have saved all users' contact details so that we can contact everyone if, for some reason, this board disappears for good. (It has happened once or twice before, after all.)

Thanks for that information - my computer kept saying "the domain you requested is not able to be found" or something similar.  I had just decided to email Himadri when the board turned up again. So that was a relief.

When I kept encountering "the domain you requested is not able to be found" and I (wrongly) assumed BigReaders had folded, I had quite a lump in my throat.

I'm so glad that isn't the case.

Sandra that would be awful! Although I'm not posting much I am lurking and would hate for the board to disappear.
Joe McWilliams

Good news, Evie. I hope it continues to go well, and the next time I'm in England I'll make a point of stopping by.  Very Happy
Jen M

Apple,  the bookshop is not open every day so do check their website before you make a special trip.

Thanks for that Jen!

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