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Joe Mac

Cold, but sunny

In answer to the above question, 'Where are you?', I'll say I'm in Slave Lake, Alberta, where it was minus 30 Celsius this morning. On the bright side, it is also brilliantly sunny, and the wind is not strong enough to freeze exposed skin at 60 seconds or less, so that's not too bad.

Two more months of good skating. Life is good!

Please don't mistake me when I say I really would not want to join you! I really do find cold weather very hard to bear, even if it is combined with sunshine. Having said that, twice in my early life, I was on the point of emigrating to Canada, but on both occasions, fate intervened. The first time was when I was 6 months old and my parents were all set to move to Toronto to join a cousin out there. He was a pilot and my father had worked as an aircraft technician during the war (WW2), when they had met and become friends. He had sorted out a job for my dad at the airport, but sadly was killed before we were due to go, and they decided not to make the leap. Then, in 1968, shortly after we were married, we were all set to go to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I had a job offer from the University Library and my husband a place as a researcher at the same university. There was no one factor that made us change our minds that time, but certainly the climate in Nova Scotia was a crucial factor. Since then, we've looked to warmer climes for our escapes.
Joe Mac

Canada has quite a variety of climates, so don't let my situation scare you off, Chris! Nova Scotia, for example is quite balmy compared to where I live, at least in winter.
I'll take dry, sunny, cold winters over dreary damp ones - which you can find in Canada too. Not that I'd turn my back on a Mediterrannean sort of climate, should anyone die and leave me a nice cottage with an ocean view somewhere like that.
Speaking of which, a lot of Canadians spend part of their winter in Mexico, but the appalling murder rate in parts of that country is causing many of them to look elsewhere.

Well, we're having a dreary damp winter right now where I am (in Staines) - but, what the hell! - I'm used to it! There's nothing quite like coming in from the cold and the damp to a warming glass of malt whisky!

I love cold weather - (not that it ever gets that cold here) but when we had the deep freeze back in December with temperatures (around here at least) plummeting to -15 at night and not getting above -5 in the day I was in my element although compared to Canada that would be possibly considered springlike!!
Joe Mac

Wel wouldn't you know it. Now that I've shot off my mouth about the cold, it's shot up into the plus temperatures, making a mess of everything. It'll just freeze again, of course, and we'll be left skating around on the roads and sidewalks.

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