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Clive James - Poetry Notebooks 2006-2014

Clive James' writings about poetry in his Notebooks 2006-2014 are marvellous.  He's especially good about poetic techniques, and I'm now reading poetry with a (I hope) sharper and more acute ear, and with greater attention and concentration. It's one of those books that sends you to poets he writes about. I'm already dipping into my collected Louis MacNeice and W.H. Auden.  And he's very good on Philip Larkin, considering his 'The Whitsun Weddings' as one of the great poems of the 20thC.  He's also an advocate of learning poems by heart. I was pleased to see that he knows Keats' 'Ode on Melancholy' by heart. And so do I.  I used to know Keats' Odes to Autumn and Nightingale as well, but Ihaven't checked recently.  James drew my attention to Michael Donaghy. I haven't read him. But will.

       Big Readers Forum Index -> All things poetic
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