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Christmas Game 2013

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions for a Christmas quiz or game this year?  

If not, how about a Round Robin from a literary character?  A message that is relentlessly upbeat despite impending tragedy; e.g.

"Phew!  What a year I've had and you'll never guess who I saw on the battlements last night"........, etc.

It was a dark and stormy Edinburgh night while inside the surgery it was calm and purposeful as he worked at the laboratory bench. Not for him would he hide his experiment in the Transylvanian vastness like Frankenstein. No, he would become a more famous doctor, the best in Scotland maybe the world. He had the elixir of life in his fingers. He added one more ingredient, mixed the potion, drank swiftly and waited…

Thanks for your response, Castorboy.  I was starting to feel like the baglady on the bus talking to herself, while everyone tries to avoid her.

For anyone not familiar with the term "Round Robin", it is one of those chatty newsletters that people send with Christmas cards.

Ah yes I overlooked the Round Robin bit! This one should be just as easy.

Dear Mother and family. I am very pleased that at long last I have obtained a position as a governess responsible for two children, a boy and a girl, at a country house in Essex. Their uncle, a bachelor, feels he cannot look after them in a proper homely fashion so has entrusted me with the task. I won’t be alone – there is a cook and a gardener/handyman to help in domestic matters while I concentrate on the general education of the children even though the boy is at a boarding school and only returns in the holidays. I feel so lucky in that I was available at short notice when the previous governess left rather abruptly. Will write again when I settle in.

Hi Gon,

How exciting that Dad has invited us all over together.  First time for ages, eh?  I'm really looking forward to it, though knowing Dad there will be some ulterior motive.  He usually prefers to see us just one at a time.  

You'll be good at pandering to his ego; I'm always a bit slow on the uptake in that way.  He's easy to offend, (don't tell him I said so!) but I've got high hopes for this visit.  It seems ages since I saw you and Regan last - how are things going?  Family all well?

I'll forward this on to Regan as well.  See you in a week.

Love, Cordie.

Hi All,

Our first Christmas together! Maxim and I are settling into married life and I'm loving the dogs. It is a great area for walks and the views are stunning. Luckily I have little to do in the house as Mrs Danvers is an excellent housekeeper and it all runs like clockwork. It is hard to believe what a contrast this is to last year, though I miss my friends in Monte. We're planning on reviving the tradition of a ball at Manderley later and everyone seems so excited by the idea.

I enclose photos of the house dressed for Christmas. The staff have had so much fun decorating it

Seasons Greetings

the De Winters

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