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Chekhov Series on Sky Arts

Has anyone been watching the series of short Chekhov comedy plays on Sky Arts?  Unfortunately, although we subscribe to Sky (thereby inflicting on me hours of football broadcasting) we don't get Sky Arts.  I'd be interested to know what this series has been like.

BTW has anyone noticed the BBC doing anything to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Chekhov's birth?

Hello Sandra

I saw last weeks programme which I think was the first and the second one is on tonight. I really enjoyed it actually and was pleasantly surprised with Johnny Vegas' performance. He basically had a half hour monologue to learn whilst McKenzie Crook was just required to nod and look surprised. It had a very live performance feel in both delivery and also set. A promising start and I am particularly looking forward to the Coogan one as I am a big fan of his.

The BBC did a Chekhov season mostly on radio 3 / 4 at the very beginning of the year. Unfortunately I seemed to have missed most of it. I hope they decide to repeat soon. Details here:



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