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Cartoon Strip Books

A news item said that Tin-Tin was first published on this day in 1929.
He was more popular in Europe than the USA and gave a reason why in the USA cartoon strips are written for adults whereas Tin-Tin was written for children. Enthusiasts in England, Portugal and Germany gave their views on the books. How does his popularity compare with say Rupert Annuals?

I loved Tintin as a child and I was pleased that when I introduced my son to Tintin  he loved him.

I preferred him to Rupert as I found Rupert, although charming at first, a bit twee and childish.  Many of the Tintin stories I found genuinely exciting and, as an adult, I loved reading them to my son before he could read them for himself.

My nephews (now 12 and 14) have loved discovering Tintin over the last few years, but would not touch Rupert with a bargepole - he seems very much more dated now.

I never managed to get into TinTin, but was always a big fan of Asterix. My favourite is the one with the Vikings. They know no fear, and so set out to fdiscover what fear is - and they only discover fear once they hear the singing of the Gaulish bard.

I remember also the bit where two Vikings stand next to eachh other, taking it in turns to club the other over the head. And every now and then, one would ask: "Have you discovered what fear is yet?" And the other would say "no", and they'd continue clubbing each other... I have to dig them up and read them again!

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