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British bookshops

I seem to be under the impression that you aren't all that enamoured with your chain bookshops, but we were in Waterstones in Nottingham the other day and it was SO impressive.  Just a fantastic range of books, though we did only get to see a small selection of the non-fiction, so I can't be sure about fiction.  We had a lovely time ferreting around, after having some coffee of course (not as great, but then coffee in Britain never is; I'm not sure how to describe the coffee on the train; suffice to say it won't be my choice ever again on a train), and then off to Nottingham Castle, a great museum.  So Nottingham altogether has favourable connotations for us, having given our son a proper architect's job so he shouldn't be disadvantaged when he gets back home.

Now in London.  Westminster Abbey yesterday and a booklet on Poets' Corner to tuck into my bag for reading at cafes and when waiting.

I was born and brought up in Nottingham, Caro, so it is nice to hear someone's favourable opinion of the place. The bookshop that is now Waterstones was called, I think, Sissons and Parkers, or something along that line and it was a lovely shop. Did you see the dug out canoes in the museum? That, and Mortimer's hole, are the two things I remember most clearly.

I love Nottingham too, although its been years since I have been there and its only a few miles up the road.  Did you visit the Ye olde Trip to Jerusalem pub while you were there? (just around the corner from the castle)  and the underground tunnels?

I love Waterstones, and can always find what I want when I go in there, the ones in bigger city centres are generally much better than the smaller ones, the one in Birmingham is absolutely HUGE.

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