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Brecht, Life of Galileo

Delighted to see that the RSC are putting on a production of this play early next year - I do like to see some good 20C plays, and they don't often seem to be performed - not in the provinces, anyway!  Very much enjoyed the Pinter I saw there a while back.

I have seen Galileo once before, at the National Theatre when I was studying Brecht for A level German - our teacher took us.  We weren't studying this play, but Arturo Ui - clearly the teacher thought it was good to take us to see any Brecht live, and I am very grateful for that.  Michael Gambon was very memorable as Galileo.

I took students to Santa Croce in Florence for a number of years, and showed them the tombs of the famous people buried there - of whom one is Galileo.  Last time I was there, in 2010, few of the students had heard of Galileo (and even fewer, no doubt, of Brecht's play, but I didn't ask them!).

Superb play.   I also saw that production of Galileo at the National with Michael Gambon. I wonder who'll play the lead in the RSC production.

I've read the play, but have never seen it. It has one of my favourite closing lines:

"We're only at the beginning!"

As I remember, that church in Florence (Santa Croce) contained the graves of Michelangelo, MacHiavelli, Galileo & Rossini.

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