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Books for footballers

To commemorate the World Cup, how about a few football-related book titles?

There’s obviously Sons and Rovers by DH Lawrence. And Westham Ho! by Charles Kingsley.

I quite like Carson McCullers’ novel about a Scottish team becoming isolated for adopting the long-ball game – The Hearts are Lonely Punters.

Any more?

We Dive at Dawn? Oh, how cynical of me. This requires careful thought. I will return later.

Crime and No Punishment by Dostoyevsky?

West Hamlet by William Shakespeare

I shall spend my 'sleeping' hours considering the matter.

I think Eric Cantona was fond of The Seagull, which of course was by Anton Kikhov.

Half Time and the Conways by JB Priestley

Half of a Yellow Card by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Oranges are Not the Only Half Time Fruit by Jeanette Winterson

(Hmmm, it would appear to be a game of three halves today).

My Sister's a Keeper by Jodi Picault

Referee Briest by Theodor Fontane

Rangers and Brothers by C P Snow

Motherwell of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall

After watching England "play", I feel too depressed to make a pun about football.

All I could think of while watching that abysmal performance was Samuel Beckett's "More Pr*cks Than Kicks".

We are still watching the game (not live) so from that comment I gather the best my folks (not me, who am - sorry - always happy enough to see an England loss - it feeds my sense that England soccer is not quite good enough at this level, and it helps assuage my anger at the way everyone in England gloated after their World Cup rugby win) can hope for is a draw.

Cheers, Caro.

Forgot with all that that I really meant to mention Great (English) Expectations by Dickens.

Three for the last line of defence….
How Green was my Goalkeeper – Richard Llewellyn
Under the net – Iris Murdoch
The Catcher in the Rye-grass
Two from Hemingway
For whom the ball tolls and Death in the Afternoon  

The Golden Goal – Henry James
mike js

Nets and Crosses - Malorie Blackman

How Green Was My Volley - Richard Llewelyn

Our Team is Fouled - Eoin Colfer

The Penalty Match Truth - Philip K Dick
mike js

Tackling the English - Dara O Briain

And assuming that England get far enough to collapse on penalties:

The Missed - Stephen King

Going Postal - Terry Pratchett

A Hit Full of Sky - Terry Pratchett
Green Jay

There's Cups Do Furnish A Room, part of that famous Millwall fan, Anthony Powell's, sequence A Dance to The Music of Vuvuzelas.

Very Happy Green Jay, but it would be a very boring dance!

Ann wrote:
Very Happy Green Jay, but it would be a very boring dance!

Full of wind and water!

Mr Norris Changes Trainers.  
New Lampards For Old

One for after England go out:

Jerome K Jerome's Idle Thoughts of an Idle Capello

M.R. James ghost story 'Casting The Rooneys'

   And you could find other words to match the initials of Roald Dahl's 'The BFG' like 'The Big F..ked Game'.

Not until at least 5pm on Sunday Mike.
Simon The Sponge

Dostoevsky's story of the Dutch legends Rene and Willy

The Borthers van de kerkof

The Pitches by Roald Dahl

If only we could've had a Saturday fixture - then it would probably be 'Saturday Night and Sunday Mourning'.  Wink

Len Deighton’s novel about the 2006 World Cup final – Fun for All in Berlin

May I offer these books for footballers...

Zola's 'Germany-Nil'

And these plays....

Congreve's 'The Wayne of the World Cup'
Jerome K. Jerome's 'The Passing of the Third Floor Fullback'
Goldsmith's 'He Shoots To Conquer' or 'The Mistakes of a Night'
Dryden's 'All For Love' or 'The World Cup Well Lost'
Ibsen's 'Header Gabler'
Tennessee Williams' 'A Striker Named Desire'

And Theatre Workshop's  'Oh What A Lousy Score!

I think "Header Gabler" is probably my favourite so far, Mike. I'm still thinking about this periodically but coming up with very little. Slow brain at the moment.

I am pleased that one of Witi Itimaera’s thoughtful novels is to be adapted for a TV showing here later this year; by changing the first word in the title it could celebrate the World Cup winner….

Delights in the Gardens of Spain.

I have really enjoyed any Witi Ihimaera that I have read, though perhaps need to re-read The Matriarch to understand it more.  I read Nights in the Garden of Spain and it was very good, though perhaps a couple of its pages would not work all that well on television (or only too well perhaps!).  It is one of the books we could choose for our Book Club, but I avoid choosing it as I think we might find it slightly embarrassing to discuss.  

But I shall very much look forward to seeing this on television.  Please mention it again when the date is set, in case I miss it.  This is not the sort of thing my husband would be rushing to tell me about.  

(For the benefit of non-NZer, it is seen from the point of view (I think first-person narrative, though I can't really remember) of a married man coming to the realisation that his attraction to men is not to be denied.  There is a page where he is at a sauna or similar and there is a list/description of various penises.  That is the page I feel might stump our reading group.)

Cheers, Caro.

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