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Two long-running theatrical productions, which both started out as a book, are coming to the screen early in 2012.

"War Horse" is released in January and "The Woman in Black" in February (incidentally TWIB's screenplay is by Jane Goldman, Jonathan Ross's wife).

I have been meaning to see both productions for ages but now I am in a quandary as to whether to see the films when they come out or see the theatrical versions first and catch up with the DVDs later.  Or perhaps I should start by reading  the books
(I haven't read either).

What do people on this board recommend?


My advice is to see the stage productions first.  The stage version of THE WOMAN IN BLACK is superb. Or at least it was when I saw it years ago, I very much fear that it will have succumbed to long-run-itis - resulting in a tired performance.  As for WAR HORSE, which I haven't seen, the stage production appears so very theatrical - the puppet horse - that the film is likely to be a different thing altogether.  


War Horse, as a children's novel, is extraordinarily poignant. I gather the author, Michael Morpurgo, had his doubts about the horses being played by "puppets" for the stage version, but was astonished by the sophistication of them and the effectiveness of the results.

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