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Book ATM

I wonder how correspondents will view this ?, welcome it or recoil with

As I don't buy new books I should be neutral about such an innovative move to make the written word so accessible.
But I feel it is an experiment that I wish every success - there's nothing more frustrating that to be told a product is 'out of stock'. I can imagine turning up at one of the grandchildren's birthday party and saying 'I just picked this up on the way here Exclamation '

The potentials are enormous. Currently, most booksellers only stock large piles of the most popular titles, and for elitists like myself, there is frequently little of interest: if I want a good browse amongst the sort of book I care for, I have to go into Oxford or Central London. I for one hope this catches on, and hope, further, that the widest range of titles will be made available.
Green Jay

Sounds great! I wonder if you can chose from a menu of print sizes, fonts and bindings? (sorry, I only scanned the article - maybe it said you can.) How lovely to stand and watch your very own book choice being made ready for you.

What will they think of next - I for one think its a fantastic idea!!

My only reservation about this sort of technology is how environmentally-friendly it is. Whilst there are obviously some savings in transportation, it's obviously far less efficient to print off books one at a time than to print them in large print-runs of tens of thousands. Already, for the past few years, limited-interest books (especially academic ones) have been printed in very short runs using this sort of digital technology. But I wonder if the real future of limited-demand books is in improved e-reader/digital paper technology rather than digital presses.

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