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biog addict

I guess Im really a biog and auto biog addict
and have probably ignored the noble art of writing
for far too long.

 I find , since coming onto the net that Ive
begun writing a little, a few short stories,
not much,  but in writing and thinking about
all the devices and skills of the art, I begin to
feel it is  perhaps the greatest art of all.

   Painting and sculpture are static, they are  instant gratification, whereas the novel, the story...
the writer carries you away into another world and by his  skills and  crafts  he delights the reader and speaks directly to the heart... to the soul.

   But Im still addicted to biogs  I guess its for
all the scandal and gossip that's so often  in there, like a cigarette smoker on 40 a day,  I can t
give up my habit.

I ve noticed though  in libraries,  biogs and auto biogs are very popular,
as well as books about the  2nd world war !

( cant see a biog section in this foru m  ! )


Re: biog addict

goldbug wrote:
cant see a biog section in this forum  !

I think you might find it in the Non-fiction Forum which has a topic headed Biography/Autobiography.

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