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Joe McWilliams

Big storm did forum members hold up in the Big Storm that hit the UK and other parts of Europe yesterday? It looked awful on the news.

It was not very severe down here in mid Kent a few trees down but nothing like the 1987 one

Not much to report here on the Surrey-Middlesex border either. Lots of jokes going round about the storm not being as big as forecast, but I'd guess that the families of the 5 or so people who lost their lives aren't sharing the joke.

I was in Brighton on Sunday and the wind was awful, battering the windows of the hotel all night.
Green Jay

Did not get much sleep down here in Sussex on Sunday night as the trees were thrashing around just outside the house, but actually the damage was slight, and most of the leaves stayed on the trees - don't know how! When I checked traffic news on Monday morning there were quite a few trees down blocking roads and rail lines in the SE but because we had fair warning and it happened mainly early on in the morning, I think it was much less dangerous than last time round. People knew not to travel, it was half-term holiday (down here anyway) and the train services had said they would not run before 9 a.m. until they had checked the lines so people were not out and about in the rush-hour quite so much. The clear-up job seemed very efficient, but I watched BBC news and it was all wailing and moaning! They could have spun it quite differently.  Obviously for the few who died and their families it is tragic but it could have affected more in other circumstances.

Thanks for inquiring, Joe.  A few branches came down here on the Hampshire/West Sussex border, including a 20 foot one on the local common, but as it happened in the middle of the night, thankfully, no-one was injured.  

It was quite mild compared to the storm of 1987. I remember then waking in the middle of the night and for a few seconds I really believed a nuclear bomb had gone off.  The wind was battering against the windows and I  thought the windows would break and somehow we would be sucked out of the windows into the storm.  

BTW there was a tornado a couple of miles away from me last week and that was more frightening.
Joe McWilliams

The news here showed a couple of people being blown off their feet - quite an alarming sight. I thought if the wind was blowing hard enough to do that, it must have done a fair amount of damage.

I'm in the Midlands and we got off scott free in fact it was a case of what storm where we were?!
Jen M

I am also in Middlesex, it was also half term here.

A tree came down in our road, but fortunately only the top part fell on a car; the man who usually parks his van where most of it fell had already left for work, fortunately.  There are a few other trees in the area which have lost branches,  but I haven't seen any serious damage.  My journey to work was a breeze (sorry) with no roads closed and very light traffic, presumably due to it being half term.

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