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The different books in the Big Readers logo at the top of the forum is something that has always intrigued me.

Now, it's pretty clear that the "E" is from Umberto Eco (presumably In the Name of the Rose?) but I've never figured out which books the other letters are from. The first "R" may be from a Robert Harris perhaps? I also recognise the "G" I think but not sure where.

Does anyone know or is able to hazard a guess for the other letters?



This has already been answered, Hector - see here for the mystery to be revealed:

Thanks Gareth - I think that the thread must have been before I had moved across to this board.

Special thanks to Mike though for actually setting the logo up. For those interested, the list cut and pasted from that thread is:

01. Beckett, Samuel: The Complete Short Prose
02. Italo Calvino: The Road to San Giovanni
03. Grendel (John Gardner)
04. Russell Hoban: Turtle Diary
05. Erehwon (Samuel Butler)
06. Anais Nin: A Model
07. David Lodge: Thinks
08. Eco, Umberto: The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana
09. Russell Hoban: The Moment under the Moment
10. Songlines, The (Bruce Chatwin)

Well, Robert Harris was wrong but at least I got Umberto Eco right (although admittedly not hard).



       Big Readers Forum Index -> Things that don't fit anywhere else
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