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Bernard Cornwall

I do enjoy his books, although his Sword Song became very intense, and rather graphic, but he has done his homework, and the entire series is full of histoy and real personages. I like it when history is made clearer by dramatic writers. He does admit himself that some of the personages and timing are off, but the bigger events are present. Doesn't bother me abit, because it is light, but engrossing reading. Not heavily intellectual, yet, he paints a realistic picture.
Joe McWilliams

Hi Derfel. I agree with you about Cornwell, although some of his stuff is a lot better than others. The very best, and I suspect you will agree with me, is is trilogy on the Arthurian myth. Gory as hell and perhaps too much in the myth-debunking line for some, but I thought it was brilliant. His 'Grail Quest' series I found pretty flat by comparison. The stories about Uhtred of Bebbanburg I see as somewhat of a return to form.

It is strange to paths down which one is led on the internet, from here I was lead to the authors section then on to Robert Lewis Stevenson and hence to his short biography on WIKI.
Here I encoutered a short story which I recalled being read on the wireless when I was a boy The bottle imp this story has hung around in my memory for over 75 years but I could not even remember the title let alone the author I now look forward to reading it as soon as I can find a copy.

I agree Joe, the Alfred series was gory as all get out, and became repetitive, too, but I enjoy his style of mixing history and fiction. I haven't seen many that manage this period and place in history and manage to keep a good story going. He does a workable description of the various groups within the population and the conflicts present, too.  I'm on 'Excalibur' now, looking forward to the conclusion - this series was much less gory, but is getting abit repetitive too - I'm sort of interested in all this Arthur mythology, but this take is distinctly different than most!

I've only read Stonehenge by him and I thought it was brilliant mix known history and story telling.

Got the King Arthur trilogy on the tbr.

Tristan!  Hello!   Very Happy

I found a copy of "The bottle imp" and a 70 year puzzle is now solved.

       Big Readers Forum Index -> Author, author! A forum for threads about individual authors.
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