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Back after 2 or 3 years! Anyone remember me?

So I'm finally 13 years old and old enough to post on here. I thought I might post here occasionally but don't expect regular posting though. Because I have school work and stuff. All I can say is a lot has changed in 2 years.

Of course we do! Welcome back!

Hi Bookbox! Read anything good recently?

Hello again Book Box. I hope  the changes are interesting and positive!

Of course I remember you, Bookbox! Hope to hear more from you!

Bookbox, of course I remember you. Welcome back from me too.

I would echo what Chibiabos has said because I have grandsons who are eleven and I would be interested in the writers you find exciting or the type of novels you like. I feel I am out of touch with young adults' tastes so your views do count.

Other than the hunger games nothing much. I find the CHERUB series very good though.

       Big Readers Forum Index -> Hello and welcome!
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