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Awesome News about In Our Time

Some boarders will know I'm a regular listener of Melvyn Bragg's Radio 4 programme In Our Time, in which Melv and his distinguished guests discuss fascinating topics from the "history of ideas" (which means history, science, the arts and just about anything else you can think of).

The Awesome News is that, for the first time, the entire archive (currently some 400+ programmes) is available online. Browse by genre, era, or alphabetically by subject here:-

Enjoy!!  Very Happy

You beat me to it, Mike - I heard about this earlier in the week and meant to post something, but forgot. Excellent news indeed.

This looks a very interesting series of programmes I had never heard of it - quite probably because I don't have a radio! I may have a look now they are online. I have had a quick look through and there are some which have aroused my interest.

Thanks for that.
mike js

Cheers, alternative Mike. I just heard recently about this. In Our Time is an outstanding achievement, I think. I confess that I tend to listen mostly to the science or maths topics, but have greatly enjoyed programmes on other topics.

The programmes seem almost invariably worthwhile, with excellent guests and an intelligent but affable approach from the chair.
Simon The Sponge

Hmmm, you know I always thought it had been available for som time Mike - or maybe it was available and then had become temporarily unavailable for a while since the BBC switched to iPlayer for audio output too.  although the archive is still in the real player format.  I certainly remember browsing through the archive and listening to one or two a couple of years back - maybe it wasn't the full archive I was browsing through

I think most of the archive has been available for 'listen again' for some time, but I think it's now available for download as mp3. It's also easier to search for stuff.

I was confused about that too, makes sense now.  Great to be able to download some old episodes.

Hey, Mike - thanks so much for posting that link. And I can actually listen to them, whereas before the BBC programs would not allow me to listen.  I can't tell you how appreciative I am that you posted this - it is only the "A" page, but there are things here I haven't thought about for years, such as Averroes.  I wish we could obtain more programming like this in America without having to have Sirius radio for $100 a month....Don't get me wrong, National Public Radio in America is excellent, but programming is contingent on local area funding and preferance.  I'm not sure 3 people in my town have ever even heard of or want to know about Averroes....the same may hold true for other towns, though, all over the world!

I found the Averroes programme particularly interesting - I confess I didn't know a single thing about him before hearing that! I'm intrigued by the idea of the Falling Man, or Floating Man as some translate it - whilst I don't agree with Averroes' conclusion about the thought experiment, it is nonetheless a potent image.

There is a wonderful short story about Averroes by Borges - "Averroes' Search". There, he has Averroes, whose culture did not have the concept of the theatre, trying to make sense of Aristotle's Poetics.

Himadri, thank you for the wonderful short story recommendation! It sounds delightful!

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