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Anyone using text to speech ?

Wonder if anyones using  text to speech  software to give their eyes a rest ?

I use Natural Reader software quite a lot,
the free version  and theres Read Me too
another freebie but more limited , you cant paste a lot of text in the  Read Me.
go  here

The  pay versions of Natural  Reader sound fantastic and real speech.  Id buy one of them but I ve never  purchased anything over the web.

Try out the free version, well worth a listen when you want to give your eyes a rest.

Anyone know of any other text to speech software ?

A blind student I know uses JAWS as a screen reader, but then he has to, otherwise he wouldn't be able to cope with his work. A necessary evil.

I quite like playing around with text-to-speech software for my own amusement, but I don't think I could tolerate listening to a book read by a computer-generated voice for more than a minute or two. Even when the pronunciation is fairly accurate, the natural cadence of human speech (or characterisation - imagine some of the more outlandish characters from Dickens voiced by a computer - it would sound abominably flat) cannot be reproduced by a computer...yet.

technology has advanced,
google natural readers and check out the
voices ( that you have to pay for )
the free ones are quite standard but
the  pay ones are awesome'
 If these voices were used more you could get
long articles in there... stuff that you read on screen but your eyes get tired reading.

I think this has great potential for the future
short stories... essays....all kinds of  text..
read by a nice   ( pref female )  voice.

They're certainly much further advanced than the ones I used to use when I first discovered text-to-speech software in the '90s, but there are inevitably words like 'present', for example, or 'entrance', which can be pronounced in different ways depending on context, that baffle them. The fact that I'd always be conscious that it was not a real human being talking would deter me. From my own perspective, text-to-speech is fine for reading something that has to be read for work or study, but not for any kind of reading for pleasure. I'd find a computerised voice, even of the comparatively high standard available today, enormously offputting if I wanted to listen to a story that ought to transport me away.

Interesting that at the top of my page is NaturalReaders commercial.  Who says we're not being watched? lol

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