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Any Human Heart

The adaptation of William Boyd's novel starts tonight (21 November) on Channel 4 at 9pm - am looking forward to it.  I loved the book, and am glad to see some adaptations being made of contemporary novels rather than Victorian ones (much as I enjoy the latter too!).  There are so many modern novels that would make good TV dramas.

Hope this one is good - hope others might be watching too!

It's got a super cast, but these days I don't really like watching adaptations before reading the book. I've mentally pushed the novel up the TBR, but I'm not sure I'll watch it on TV this time around. Sure I will be able to catch a repeat at some point.

Or put it on the PVR...  But I am the same with adaptations, I prefer to read the book first.  The cast does look good.

I, too, loved the book, but I will not watch the series. I want to read the book again at some point and if I see the TV adaptation it just won't be the same.

Yes, I can understand that, iwishiwas...and in fact have been watching it, but hated it, so have given up.  Like you, I would like to read the book again, and the TV adaptation was indeed putting me off!
Green Jay

I watched this - not having read the book, though I have read most things William Boyd has written  - and found myself wondering halfway through why they had chosen this book to "do". It seemed fairly tension-free and I did wonder if we were just going to get a general memoir of a man's life, or if it was going to have a particular theme to it.  Looked lovely though, and I do hope there is going to be more of the fleeting glimpse of HRH and Wallis Simpson, as I love Tom Hollander and Gillian Anderson looked stunning...and they're both short, so it was just right! (not the only criteria, sorry). The young 1920s men had proper short hair, I was glad to see. But I do hope it will be more than a ravishing period piece.

Watching Tom Hollander in this series was a treat, he is good! Quite a character actor. I haven't read or heard of the book; didn't know there was one, I was going after the lead male actor, Matthew McFaddn; watching a few of his films when I stumbled over this. It captivated, I thought, and did a reasonable portrayal of the periods-- (being born American, I love to watch the English goings on during and after WWII!)
Maybe this is why I found 'Brideshead' so interesting, too, but that had more depth, I thought by going into religion and the upper class 'big house' issues, too. Captivating!

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