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Andrew Davies adapts "War And Peace"

According to a piece in today's "Sunday Telegraph's " Mandrake's column, Andrew Davies was overheard saying when discussing his approach to a six-part adaptation of Tolstoy's "War And Peace":
"Tear out the middle 400 pages, cut all the boring bits and turn it into "Fighting And Shagging.""

Oh, dear.  I'm trying to stay positive about the adaptation but it's not easy.

Mandrake does say Andrew Davies 'jokes' that this is his policy. I think he might be permitted the benefit of the doubt. His past adaptations of e.g. Middlemarch, Pride and Prejudice, Anglo-Saxon Attitudes etc. have been respectful of the text.

But then again, I found his Bleak House unwatchable: it embodied everything that's wrong with modern television drama.

Well, I loved Bleak House too, though I'm aware it has its detractors.

We really liked it too, so I am not sure what the criticisms would be of.  It seemed to be quite close to the book, and the characters were as I had imagined them.  I thought it was very good, but I am not a particularly critical viewer.

It was the "restless camera" that most irritated me about it. But I haven't read the book, so can't judge it as an adaptation per se.

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