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mike js

Alex Cox wants to direct 'Bill the Galactic Hero'

I have recently discovered the Kickstarter campaign by Alex Cox, for a low-buget ($100,000 - very low-budget!)  film of Harry Harrison's fine anti-war novel of the 1960s. It was approved by HH, who was working on the script with Alex Cox before HH's death. I don't know much of Alex Cox's work but do remember his fascinating documentary series on the BBC looking at cult films. And if Harry Harrison approved, it must be promising!

I think the only other work of HH that has been filmed is the classic novel on overpopulation, 'Make Room! Make Room!'. This was filmed as Soylent Green, which had a rather different plot and a dodgy script but was quite effective. Not least because of Edward G Robinson as the old timer who remembered better times.

Cox is probably best known for "Sid and Nancy", but personally I love his completely bonkers "Repo Man" best.
mike js

Thanks, alternative Mike. His plans for the Bill film sound good, and a low-budget independent film may well suit the novel.
mike js

This is now funded. Great news, and I hope it will be a successful & bonkers cult film. The aim is to complete it in about a year.

Harry Harrison was a giant of an author, and I am sad to see so little of his work still in print. Good luck to Alex Cox in bringing his and HH's script to the screen.

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